Director’s Welcome from Martha Senger

I did this drawing in the mid seventies and hung it over my desk, writing under it -


My work embraces
as an aesthetic & revolutionary undertaking

Today, looking for an image to introduce myself & my work with the g2 Institute, I find this still works to say what I’m about almost as well as it did over 25 years ago.

That was when I was living and working at the old Goodman Building on Geary Street in center city San Francisco — a hotel full of artists that underwent a phase shift & jump started a new reality-as-poetic-epic. My life has never been the same since. And I’ve spent most of it trying to decipher, translate & reembody what happened there. This praxis has included helping design a new building, Goodman2, intended to empower its resident artists as Goodman1 did, starting the g2 Institute to study the integrations that led to G1’s phase shift in consciousness, and writing some essays and poems.


enroute LA to tampa
amtrak wobbles high speed
across a kansas morning

i watch the winter fields slide by
visited by mysterious winter light
all even

a solitary tumbleweed tumbles
across the flat fields
the patient fields
not hurrying their season like i always do

i think to feel their still existence
or almost still
in its easy growth/duration

flocks of black birds supple past
constantly rearranging themselves
within a shifting shape membrane

a gestalten
bird idea
shared bird knowing & doing

nothing thrills me like this sight & its suggestion:
the many-one
arranged through some invisible
a choreography of shared soul &
simultaneous daily destiny

winged cells shift
sky amoeba swoops

my mind turns back
to san francisco & the goodman group
25 artists experimenting with AN IDEA & DIRECT ACTION
jumped to a state like this in an old hotel on geary street –
visceral vector in a funkyelegant phasespace
they stopped what is thought to be time for 10 years
& let a history through

“humanity is experiencing an evolutionary shockfront”
wrote physicist john platt
“and may quickly emerge into coordinated forms such as it has
never known before implicit in
the biological material all along”

Exactly what happened at the old Goodman Building that allowed this quantum leap? And how was that life experience different from what most of us know now? Can it be replicated?

That’s one of the ideas we’ll be exploring during the “Aesthetic Phase Shift” lecture series you can check out on this site.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I hope you can attend the series. If not, you can check out texts by myself and members of the g2 institute’s advisory board including those of Ralph Abraham, the chaos math pioneer and author who wrote in “Chaos, Gaia, Eros”:

“Our society is on a death track. We know we need a turn to the left or right, but do not know which way to turn. It could be that our self- consciousness on the mythic level–traditionally represented by the artist–is all that is needed to find the right turn, and to have a future.”

“If we reflect on our myth — seeing it as it is, grokking it, giving impetus to its evolution — we can participate consciously in the creation of our future.”

I invite you to “grok” the new myth we’re exploring with us – to reflect on it, and help us expand & refine it. In either case, I hope to hear your thoughts on the new reality principle we’re invoking which also (as if you didn’t know!) happens to be a higher dimensional (super-symmetrical?) realization of the archaic myth of a feeling and thinking TOTALITY that we STILL hold in our collective unconscious!