Fusing Art, Life & the Cosmos

The Iconic RevolutionThrough research, dialogue with the advisory board of the G2 Institute (of which I’m the founding director) and a paradigm shifting experience, I’ve developed a theory and praxis of integral aesthetics.  Understood as a trans-modern synthesis of the spheres of value that became separated at the time of the Enlightenment when truth (as science) was separated from beauty (as art) and goodness (as morality under the law); integral aesthetics reunites the spheres and art is superceded as an autonomous domain to become the matrix of a higher dimensional reality principle. In this ‘aesthetic phase shift’ which coincides with the evolutionary “chaos point” predicted to occur in or around 2012, there’s a mutation of time, consciousness, matter, and global institutions; a transcendental reduction and ‘re-writing’ of history in which entropy is reduced as wholeness emerges in a reappropriation of what Marxist critic Frederic Jameson has called “mythic symbolism” and “utopian temporality.” 

An Aesthetic Theory & Praxis of Everything

A cultural parallel to the ‘Theory of Everything’ in postmodern physics that’s uniting relativity with quantum mechanics through the five-fold rotational geometry of ‘loop’ quantum gravity, in the following essay I relate this recursive form to other disciplines and explore their shared implications for a co-evolution of art and the socius, including an integral architecture, reconstructed economy, restoration of the environment, and recovery of the Other.

  • Especially relevant to this emerging synthesis is quantum gravity’s revelation that potential wholeness, meaning and beauty unfold between the worlds of matter and mind not through deterministic means but through analogue, aesthetic judgement. Recently associated with ‘dark matter’ as the cosmos’ quintessential fifth element that comprises over 90 percent of the mass of a rapidly expanding cosmos – its fractal rotation and golden mean symmetry reduces mass and entropy as it/we unfold higher information in an anamnetic recovery of the proto-aesthetic configuration of our ever-present Origin.

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