Neo-Vorticism: The Tao of Form

Distilling the Real, Resituating Art, Rewinding the Formative Springs of Art
by Martha Senger

MarthaThe following is excerpted from a talk Martha Senger gave during the G2 Institute’s lecture & event series, Aesthetic Phase Shift:


Unfinished Angel

Unfinished Angel

We’re in the midst of a momentous cultural shift perhaps equal to that of the emergence of consciousness several thousand years ago. The major tenets of western thought are falling and their dissolution documented by deconstructivists who have proclaimed the death of the subject, the death of reason, the end of history – and the death of art.

Gregory Bateson said “what continues is form” stressing that form was divorced from matter at the time of the great subject/object split of the 17th century and must be reconnected if the planet or our psyches are to survive. And since forms develop with the movement of spirit in history, we’re charged with the task of discerning a new form, a structuring that will take us

beyond our present confusion and dismemberment while resisting the imposition of another static order. Since quantum and chaos theory, we know that an immense whole is hovering close by in another dimension, but the question is, how do we connect with it?

I begin this reconnection via Bucky Fuller’s synergetic geometry – a form that integrates
matter with mind. The universe he describes is “convergently and divergently interaccommodative” with electrom

agnetic radiation being physical, expansive, and entropic, and gravity on the other hand being metaphysical, contractive and negentropic. It’s clear that what gets measured by the Dow Jones stock average and keeps us on a frantic chase from day to day is tied to expansion rather than contraction, and that material expansion is in fact the summum bonum of bourgeois existence and the world’s economies, deriving its justification from exact science’s anointing of an objective reality principle, although the public’s subjective needs must continually be manipulated symbolically to avoid revolt.

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