g2 Evolution

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Goodman Artists Community

Inspired by my experience of the intersubjective dynamics of the artist’s live/work community to which I belonged during a decade beginning in the early seventies, I immersed myself in a phenomenological study of its forms. Upon encountering Arthur M Young’s process philosophy based on the nonlinear topology of the torus in 1976 I began to connect them structurally, seeing in our deeply participatory dialogues and decision making its fractal, feedback dynamics in living, form.

Although I continued painting and other art practices, I found myself increasingly drawn to connect our struggle to save our uniquely symbiotic environment with the universe’s movement to increase coherence and complexity, an evolutionary trajectory I saw described not only by Young’s geometry but by other philosophers and scientists who were seeing a similar complexifying co-patterning between mind and matter.

Goodman2 Building

When we lost our habitat (the Goodman Building) in 1983 I led the effort to create our own nonprofit development corporation and develop another such ecology, and wrote guidelines based on my research of toroidal self-reflexive dynamics to give our architect an idea of what we wanted. Thirteen years later, with financial help from the City, we opened Goodman2, the first and only affordable live/work building to be developed in San Francisco. Based on toroidal dynamics, it won an AIA prize for the architect. The State Journal of the American Institute of Architects published the paper I had written on its design – the first building ever constructed that was functionally based on a higher dimensional geometry of internal,collaborative, relations.


g2 Institute for Integral Aesthetics

In 1996 I formed the g2 Institute for Integral Aesthetics with the goal of further researching these ideas and collectively exploring an emerging premise, i.e, that the collective, archetypal imagination has the potential to create syntheses between new science, art, and life and thereby activate a leap to a new mentality and new institutions for the 21st century.

g2 Institute Advisory Board

To this collaborative research end, I brought together an advisory board of artists, scientists, philosophers, and cultural activists who had a shared interest in exploring this premise. In Fall, 1999, we held a series of Advisor’s Seminars at the San Francisco Art Institute to launch our program of shared research. Meantime I continued to expand my own research and writing.

g2 Lecture Series: “Aesthetic Phase Shift”

In Fall 2000 we expanded the seminars to a series of public lectures and discussions.This series has been co-sponsored by several Bay Area educational institutions including the California College of Arts and Crafts, the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, New College of California, the Presidio Alliance and the San Francisco Art Institute and held at several of these locations.

g2 Future Research

As research continues, the synthesis that formative, aesthetic intercognition affords between disciplines became increasingly clear as does its profound significance for creating integral social and economic forms as entropy reducing dynamics come to be recognized and cultural institutions brought into proportional, evolutionary alignment with the higher dimensional intersubjective forms of universal mind.

What’s needed next is an in-depth, interdisciplinary dialogue that will deepen and cohere the strands that have been explored individually through texts and the g2 lecture series; a conference where the synthesis I’ve conceived, and the g2 Institute was formed to explore with me, can be deepened at a theoretical level and shared with the public.