Lecture Series


— projecting a quantum evolutionary shift from our present mental and spatial “ego” consciousness to an integral aesthetic consciousness and a science of the beautiful.

This shift involves the supercession of art as an autonomous domain, and a release of the formative, aesthetic imagination to reunite with the life-world, healing a split that resulted from a separation of the categories of knowing at the beginning of the modern era.
A three-way synthesis with science will also be discussed in light of postmodern science’s identification of a higher-dimensional realm of form that underlies and unfolds through the material structures of the world — a discovery that overcomes the mind-matter split that’s plagued Western thought, behavior, and art for over four hundred years.

This aesthetic integration of art, science and lifeworld will be looked at for its potential to “reconstruct the real” in light of escalating world-wide social and political turmoil and environmental degradation, plus recent wide-spread cultural and theoretical deconstruction of the static structures of knowing and being that have guided Western civilization since the time of the ancient Greeks, including chaos theory’s identification of a major cultural bifurcation in the recent re-emergence of unconscious knowledge and forces.

Prehistoric myths of culture and alternative forms of life existing now in society’s underground will be examined for what they can tell of symbolic, symbiotic modes of life.
Such cultural forms will be shown to be isomorphic with nonlinear formative processes in the sciences and with theories of the evolution of consciousness — as fractally patterned trajectories of convergent complexity and etherealization.