humanity is on the cusp of a cosmic shift,

a quantum mutation on the scale of the emergence of life. at once a dissolution of mechanism & reconstruction of a coherent qualitative order, it prefigures a reunion of form and content, subject & object, along a least-action historical trajectory toward a new attractor >>> a new aesthetic state.

the goal of the g2 institute is to explore the institutive role & power of vision and form in this pivotal reconstruction & shape a map of & path to this new aesthetic domain.”The object” says chronotopologist C. Muses, “is to surf on time,” in synch with waves from the future.

after a 5000+ year era of expansion & acceleration, the cosmic axis is tilting & supergravity, the higher dimensional source of all other forces, is instituting a countermovement that’s palpably converging our species consciousness toward a momentous discontinuity

the dynamics of acceleration are giving way to a metadynamics of synchronization & history is revealing itself as the theater where consciousness is being distilled in a vortical, alchemical cascade — deconstructing disparate parts & reconstructing novel & coherent wholes. rupture & suture (the technique of artists) applied to the world

from an ego-directed mentality there’s a shift to a transmodern, intersubjective ego — conscious cogito expanding into superconscious cogitamus. “we are feeling & thinking the cosmos into existence together” says torus-philosopher arthur m. young. eidetic geometers, we unfold the quantum potential into the world out of our shared archetypes. mutual agents of quantum mutations we harvest uncertainty & condense new forms, mating with chaos & unfolding nuance in nonlinear double-spiraled somersaults between dimensions, etherealizing the world along a least action, least entropy trajectory — a phase space path perpendicular to space-time in the 5th dimension. discovering the curvature of relativity to equal the quantum of uncertainty grandly unifying an unabashedly teleological toroidal topology of infinite & omnisymmetrical opportunity — a cosmos gravitating fractally in tightening spirals to meet its own Meaning in a mathematical/musical progression of fibonacci proportions to Beauty. we will learn to live these rhythms in our trans-art bones & build them into new institutions & ecstatic work in the wake of an aesthetic deconstruction of the forms of domination.

from forming images that are powerless to change the world, the new aesthetic gnosis liberates artists to create work with the whole world as content in a Grand Resynthesizing Aufhebung of Art that re-integrates Form with Truth and Life, reclaiming & rebirthing Beauty in liberatory/aesthetic integrations where Beauty is the measure of the superconductivity of praxis in a new mythic merger of content & form in The Thing Itself at History’s End — “The I That is We & the We That is I”

this momentously deconstructs & supercedes modernism’s materialist dualist assumptions — the separation of self from other, of mind from nature, and logos from eros — the disastrous reductions that have split art from life, economics from need, physics from metaphysics, the individual from community, and the political from the spiritual and aesthetic.

the world become iron cage can be brought to life only by reintegrating what modernism has split asunder in a bottom-up Aesthetic Reformation. it is to this mutational process that the g2 Institute is committed.

martha senger