neo-vorticists, unite!

The Iconic Revolution

in the middle of flatland a vortex is forming
a vortical movement perpendicular to space & frozen clock time
a rising helix that will change the course of history & remake the shapes of the world if we
discern its rhythms & synch our lives to its form :
the topology of the torus – finally come alive!

in our quickening discussions
in the wake of the war on iraq
as we reach once again for our deepest dream
& repeat (unbenownst) our shared sense of origin
the ever-condensing & complexifying unity of our ever expanding diversity
we can knowingly synch our dreams with the quantum potential & unfold the great dream of the world in the *knowledge* that our minds construct what is real in undulating fractal equations that mate the imaginary numbers of our deepest dreams/ with the real of the physical world/and knowingly carve out
a culture that fits our desires & once & for all dissipates domination
& removes the patriarch’s clothes

extract the gold, the hidden knowledge/the living matrix
buried beneath the dumbed down deadened three-dimensional definitions & aeons of entropy that plato descartes & all the other boys including bin laden & bush have created in the Identification/ Appropriation of Being with a controlling male ego epistemologically unconnected with the body(s) of the world objectified & subjugated in their demonic drive to Master the Other/that Holy Middle shut away Systematically in mental hospitals/prisons/mines/ghettos/brothels/poverty
concentration camps – all that has raged against their machine
& longs to move to the beauty-full forms of freedom

& in fractal interdimensional movements
orchestrated by our increasingly symbiotic selves taking it all back/dissipating the inert/the administrators/the measurers/the dow jones industrial average/the daily grind/all ordering from above/reclaiming the rhythms that lie hidden beneath the not-so-random patterns of chaos released at this shift/this singularity/this turn to an  undulating oneness/ golden mean reunion of mind-become imagination & matter distilling to meet it in an eternally erotic intercourse within the
Ecstatic Aesthetic Continuum

rockin ‘n rollin round the hole in the torus/the strange attractor/
the missing information/between our remembrance of origin & intuition of what’s still to come

time will run back” wrote milton “and fetch the age of gold

martha senger
vortex diagram by arthur m. young