Summing up all that into the first principles for a nanobiomimetic technology of “evolware”

- Evolutionary computation dynamics and systems show that the low-level physics of the mesoscopic scale causes the barriers between the per se time-honored independent disciplines of physics, logic and information to break.

– Metabolic exchanges of energy (parametric interactions) and information (coded interactions) in the structure — function solidarity mean on the nanoscale a motion of molecules and atoms through peaks and cols of a potential energy landscape, which may strongly constrain the information processing dynamics.

The central paradigm of computer science – the independence of software from computer hardware realization – breaks down at the mesoscopic level.

Deep metaphores of evolutionary and biological intelligent behavior
can be designed and built from such views.

A question keeps open:

will the fundamental roots of “information” prevent us from engineering real life, i.e. not mere metaphores, deep though they may be, and real biological intelligence?